Bridgestone Precept J40 Black Oxide Wedge Review

Overview -

The Bridgestone Precept J40 Black Oxide Wedge incorporates numerous new technologies resulting in one of the most versatile wedges ever produced. Each J40 wedge has variable bounce technology that creates low bounce areas at the toe and heel. The head is made from an incredibly soft 8620 mild carbon steel for unmatched levels of of feel, and the face is machine milled which increases surface roughness resulting in increased spin. The True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft is a specially designed wedge shaft that allows this conforming-groove wedge to produce more spin than older non-conforming wedges.


Bridgestone Precept J40 Features -

  • Variable Bounce Technology creates low bounce on the heel and toe sole areas
  • Machined milled face for increased surface roughness for added spin
  • Non-glare black oxide finish
  • Classic head shapes designed through C.A.D. system in conjunction with Tour staff
  • Conforming U-Groove
  • Soft, 8620 mild carbon steel enhances feel
  • True Temper® Dynamic® Gold Spinner shaft

Bridgestone Precept J40 Specs -






Reviews from the Trenches -

“Moves smoothly through the turf with a nice feel. It’s almost like you didn’t feel the ball coming off the face.”

“Delicate on short shots, but when you need it to be a brute, it can be.” … “It has a firm but responsive sound and feel. It’s a players wedge, for sure.”

Summary -

Bridgestone J40 wedges are offered in two performance finishes to complement the clubs’ finely crafted machine-milled look. The Black Oxide finish provides a glare-reducing appearance at address and the timeworn rusting preferred by many professional and amateur golfers.

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